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A small Santhal tribal village surrounded with splash green forest, a big natural lake and few elegant hills. The paradise on this earth have different colours in different seasons. The hills are crowned with green and dark green during rainy season, slightly grey during winter and dotted with fiery red during autumn. The fiery red colour comes from the fully blossomed Palas Tree , a source for natural red colour. The life and habitant around Baranti is very simple. The peaceful tribal village with truthful people and their simplicity is an envy for people stay in big cities and metros.
The place does not have a charter for anything. You can simply be lazy or do whatever you want. Walk along the red mud road along with the Muradi dam or reach the foot of the hill. Stroll along the dense forest – you may spot some wild verity of birds and spices. By luck, you may find some other wild spices like wolf of fox. The forest has a habitant of beer and elephant too.
The tropical forest of Baranti hill and surroundings are made of Bamboo shrubs’, Sal, Piyal, Amloki, Bahra, Haritoki, Neem and other tropical trees. Palash tree is found everywhere. The local habitants collect dry firewood and leaves for their daily needs from this jungle. You will get refreshed with the savour and flavour of those trees. The forest, hill and lake looks mysterious in a full moon day. Sitting in the resort balcony you may hear many unknown sounds of the wilds. 

2. Ayodhya Pahar

The beautiful Ayodhya Hills is a part of the Dalma Mountain range. It is situated on the boundary of Purulia district and Jharkhand. A visit to beautiful waterfalls, deep forests, tribal villages, Gorshabru and Mayur hill are sure to captivate your senses. The presence of a variety of wild animals in the forests make this place more adventurous. Visiting hidden waterfalls, trekking around azure lakes guarded by hills, experiencing local tribal culture, bird-watching and taking village walks make Ayodhya Hills a treasure trove for photographers and nature-lovers.

3. Susunia

Susunia Hills in Bankura District is a very good place for a weekend with friends but if you want to take some time out from your hectic schedule and want to spend some moments of your own, then Susunia is enchanting. If you love nature and want to explore its beauty, then come to Susunia and witness its unspoiled nature. Located right in the middle of Bankura is this 1500 feet high hill. It is often believed that Raja Chandra Varma had once built his fort on this hill. With plenty of natural beauty in the form of cascading waterfalls, plenty of greenery and river Gandheshwari flowing down the hill, Susunia gives out a picture perfect look.

4. Gajaburu

Gajaburu Hills are the next best thing to paradise, for rock climbers. The Gajaburu slopes are hard, rough and tough which will provide a welcome challenge to tourists looking for a spot of thrill and adventure whilst camping. There is also a nature camp organised here, which will show you how beautiful the surrounding areas of Gajaburu really are. It is a wonderful place to set up camp and an ideal pick if you want to be drained by the end of the day, after your trekking exploits! If you plan to drive down from Kolkata, it will take you a good 7 hours, from Durgapur to Raghunathpur road.

5. Sikip

Sikip, located in South District of Sikkim is a very famous destination for its beautiful atmosphere. Situated on the banks of Rangeet River, the place boasts splendid natural surroundings and excellent opportunities for camping and angling. Besides, the turbulent waters of Rangeet River offer perfect opportunities for rafting. With lot of angling, camping and rafting, Sikip is the paradise for adventure lovers.

6. Rocky Island

Rocky Island is a new tourist destination in Dooars. Situated on the banks of the River Murti it is about 2 km from Samsing and is a popular camping site. The view of river and surrounding forests are excellent from Rocky Island but tourist amenities are basic. The campsite provides an excellent opportunity to explore the interior parts of Neora Valley National sanctuary. This place is best suited for adventurous activities like trekking, rock climbing & rappelling. This is the must visit place for adventure loving travellers. A small enjoyable trek to nearby spots like Sherpagaon, Bhalukope, Jhandidara and Mo-chuki is an added attraction of this place. The road to Rocky Island is full of pebbles and it ends at the bridge over the Murti.

The river is quite narrow here and flows playfully amongst the boulders. You can spend some time there dipping our feet in the cold water of the river. You can stay at the Rocky Island Nature Resort which is located on the banks of Murti River. 

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  2. The Bengal part of kolkata India boasts of many camping sites namely Baranti, Ayodhya Pahar, Susunia and Rocky Island. In this region lies Waterfalls, bird sanctuary, tribal villages, and wild animals to offer good sightseeing experience.